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Мой Бетховен. Нетрудные пьесы

Газонокосилка электрическая Huter ELM-1400

Ширина скашивания - 38 см. Мощность - 1.4 кВт

6170 RUR

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Проигрыватель ION Audio Vinyl Transport

Конструктор COBI Heavy Transport Helicopter

Конструктор COBI GMC CCKW 353 Transport Truck

Проигрыватель винила ION Audio Transport частично автоматический синий

Артикул (Part.Number): TRANSPORT

5046 RUR

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Виниловый проигрыватель Ion VINYL TRANSPORT blue

Термосумка Ezetil EZC 35 Transport 724110

Ernesto Exposito Advanced Transport Protocols. Designing the Next Generation

The current diversity of transport services, as well as the complexity resulting from the deployment of specific transport protocols or mechanisms over the different services provided by heterogeneous networks, demand a novel design of the transport layer. Moreover, current and future applications will only be able to take advantage of the most adapted and available transport services if they are able to interact (i.e. discover, compose, deploy and adapt) efficiently with this advanced transport layer. The work presented in this book proposes a model-driven methodology and a service-oriented approach aimed at designing the mechanisms, functions, protocols and services of the next generation transport layer. The first part of this book presents the state of the art of transport protocols and introduces a model-driven methodology and an ontology semantic model implementation aimed at designing next generation transport protocols. The second part presents the UML-based design of a component-based transport protocol. An extension to this protocol based on service-component and service-oriented architectures is also presented. The third part presents various model-driven adaptive strategies aimed at managing the behavioral and structural adaptation of next generation autonomic transport protocols. The fourth and final part presents the design of a transport layer based on component-oriented and service-oriented approaches and integrating the autonomic computing paradigm guided by the semantic dimension provided by ontologies.

11994.57 RUR



Виниловый проигрыватель Ion VINYL TRANSPORT black

Hideaki Tsuchiya Carrier Transport in Nanoscale MOS Transistors

A comprehensive advanced level examination of the transport theory of nanoscale devices Provides advanced level material of electron transport in nanoscale devices from basic principles of quantum mechanics through to advanced theory and various numerical techniques for electron transport Combines several up-to-date theoretical and numerical approaches in a unified manner, such as Wigner-Boltzmann equation, the recent progress of carrier transport research for nanoscale MOS transistors, and quantum correction approximations The authors approach the subject in a logical and systematic way, reflecting their extensive teaching and research backgrounds

9749.19 RUR



5pcs Furniture Transport Tools Set 4 Wheeled Corner Mover Rollers+1 Wheel Bar Lifter Tool

Блокнот в линейку "Vintage Transport" А5

Блокнот в линейку "Vintage Transport" А5. Формат - А5. Размер - 15 х 21 см. 60 страниц.

360 RUR



Dinosaur Model Transport Vehicle Tractor Animal Doll Truck Toy Or Children Funny Container

High quality Forearm Forklift Lifting Moving Strap Transport Belt Wrist Straps Furniture mover transport set Convenient Tool

Fashion Custom Transport Logo Car Decals Vinyl Mural Windows Stickers For Sentence Decorative naklejki

Marianna Jacyna Transport intermodalny

Отсутствует Transport

Отсутствует Pasażerski transport regionalny

Проигрыватель виниловых дисков ION Audio Vinyl Transport

ION Audio Vinyl Transport представляет собой изящный виниловый проигрыватель, который очень удобно носить с собой. Стильный дизайн 1950-х годов придется по душе настоящим любителям ретро, встроенные стереодинамики обеспечат чистый и живой звук, а благодаря батареям проигрыватель может работать до 6 часов без подзарядки. С ION Audio Vinyl Transport можно наслаждаться звуком любимых виниловых пластинок где угодно и когда угодно!

4810 RUR

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Dollfus Philippe The Wigner Monte-Carlo Method for Nanoelectronic Devices. A Particle Description of Quantum Transport and Decoherence

This book gives an overview of the quantum transport approaches for nanodevices and focuses on the Wigner formalism. It details the implementation of a particle-based Monte Carlo solution of the Wigner transport equation and how the technique is applied to typical devices exhibiting quantum phenomena, such as the resonant tunnelling diode, the ultra-short silicon MOSFET and the carbon nanotube transistor. In the final part, decoherence theory is used to explain the emergence of the semi-classical transport in nanodevices.

9568.3 RUR



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