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Yuliya Mishura Theory and Statistical Applications of Stochastic Processes

This book is concerned with the theory of stochastic processes and the theoretical aspects of statistics for stochastic processes. It combines classic topics such as construction of stochastic processes, associated filtrations, processes with independent increments, Gaussian processes, martingales, Markov properties, continuity and related properties of trajectories with contemporary subjects: integration with respect to Gaussian processes, Itȏ integration, stochastic analysis, stochastic differential equations, fractional Brownian motion and parameter estimation in diffusion models.

11696.85 RUR



Shelemyahu Zacks Examples and Problems in Mathematical Statistics

Provides the necessary skills to solve problems in mathematical statistics through theory, concrete examples, and exercises With a clear and detailed approach to the fundamentals of statistical theory, Examples and Problems in Mathematical Statistics uniquely bridges the gap between theory andapplication and presents numerous problem-solving examples that illustrate the relatednotations and proven results. Written by an established authority in probability and mathematical statistics, each chapter begins with a theoretical presentation to introduce both the topic and the important results in an effort to aid in overall comprehension. Examples are then provided, followed by problems, and finally, solutions to some of the earlier problems. In addition, Examples and Problems in Mathematical Statistics features: Over 160 practical and interesting real-world examples from a variety of fields including engineering, mathematics, and statistics to help readers become proficient in theoretical problem solving More than 430 unique exercises with select solutions Key statistical inference topics, such as probability theory, statistical distributions, sufficient statistics, information in samples, testing statistical hypotheses, statistical estimation, confidence and tolerance intervals, large sample theory, and Bayesian analysis Recommended for graduate-level courses in probability and statistical inference, Examples and Problems in Mathematical Statistics is also an ideal reference for applied statisticians and researchers.

10493.3 RUR



Kulkarni Sanjeev An Elementary Introduction to Statistical Learning Theory

A thought-provoking look at statistical learning theory and its role in understanding human learning and inductive reasoning A joint endeavor from leading researchers in the fields of philosophy and electrical engineering, An Elementary Introduction to Statistical Learning Theory is a comprehensive and accessible primer on the rapidly evolving fields of statistical pattern recognition and statistical learning theory. Explaining these areas at a level and in a way that is not often found in other books on the topic, the authors present the basic theory behind contemporary machine learning and uniquely utilize its foundations as a framework for philosophical thinking about inductive inference. Promoting the fundamental goal of statistical learning, knowing what is achievable and what is not, this book demonstrates the value of a systematic methodology when used along with the needed techniques for evaluating the performance of a learning system. First, an introduction to machine learning is presented that includes brief discussions of applications such as image recognition, speech recognition, medical diagnostics, and statistical arbitrage. To enhance accessibility, two chapters on relevant aspects of probability theory are provided. Subsequent chapters feature coverage of topics such as the pattern recognition problem, optimal Bayes decision rule, the nearest neighbor rule, kernel rules, neural networks, support vector machines, and boosting. Appendices throughout the book explore the relationship between the discussed material and related topics from mathematics, philosophy, psychology, and statistics, drawing insightful connections between problems in these areas and statistical learning theory. All chapters conclude with a summary section, a set of practice questions, and a reference sections that supplies historical notes and additional resources for further study. An Elementary Introduction to Statistical Learning Theory is an excellent book for courses on statistical learning theory, pattern recognition, and machine learning at the upper-undergraduate and graduate levels. It also serves as an introductory reference for researchers and practitioners in the fields of engineering, computer science, philosophy, and cognitive science that would like to further their knowledge of the topic.

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Igor Ushakov A. Optimal Resource Allocation. With Practical Statistical Applications and Theory

A UNIQUE ENGINEERING AND STATISTICAL APPROACH TO OPTIMAL RESOURCE ALLOCATION Optimal Resource Allocation: With Practical Statistical Applications and Theory features the application of probabilistic and statistical methods used in reliability engineering during the different phases of life cycles of technical systems. Bridging the gap between reliability engineering and applied mathematics, the book outlines different approaches to optimal resource allocation and various applications of models and algorithms for solving real-world problems. In addition, the fundamental background on optimization theory and various illustrative numerical examples are provided. The book also features: An overview of various approaches to optimal resource allocation, from classical Lagrange methods to modern algorithms based on ideas of evolution in biology Numerous exercises and case studies from a variety of areas, including communications, transportation, energy transmission, and counterterrorism protection The applied methods of optimization with various methods of optimal redundancy problem solutions as well as the numerical examples and statistical methods needed to solve the problems Practical thoughts, opinions, and judgments on real-world applications of reliability theory and solves practical problems using mathematical models and algorithms Optimal Resource Allocation is a must-have guide for electrical, mechanical, and reliability engineers dealing with engineering design and optimal reliability problems. In addition, the book is excellent for graduate and PhD-level courses in reliability theory and optimization.

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Hengqing Tong Developing Econometrics

Statistical Theories and Methods with Applications to Economics and Business highlights recent advances in statistical theory and methods that benefit econometric practice. It deals with exploratory data analysis, a prerequisite to statistical modelling and part of data mining. It provides recently developed computational tools useful for data mining, analysing the reasons to do data mining and the best techniques to use in a given situation. Provides a detailed description of computer algorithms. Provides recently developed computational tools useful for data mining Highlights recent advances in statistical theory and methods that benefit econometric practice. Features examples with real life data. Accompanying software featuring DASC (Data Analysis and Statistical Computing). Essential reading for practitioners in any area of econometrics; business analysts involved in economics and management; and Graduate students and researchers in economics and statistics.

9584.01 RUR



Nikolaos Limnios Statistical Models and Methods for Reliability Survival Analysis

Statistical Models and Methods for Reliability and Survival Analysis brings together contributions by specialists in statistical theory as they discuss their applications providing up-to-date developments in methods used in survival analysis, statistical goodness of fit, stochastic processes for system reliability, amongst others. Many of these are related to the work of Professor M. Nikulin in statistics over the past 30 years. The authors gather together various contributions with a broad array of techniques and results, divided into three parts – Statistical Models and Methods, Statistical Models and Methods in Survival Analysis, and Reliability and Maintenance. The book is intended for researchers interested in statistical methodology and models useful in survival analysis, system reliability and statistical testing for censored and non-censored data.

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Statistical Field Theory: Volume 1, 2 (комплект из книг)

Volume 1, From Brownian Motion to Renormalization and Lattice Gauge Theory (Cambridge Monographs on Mathematical Physics). A comprehensive and timely survey of the application of the methods of quantum field theory to statistical physics, a very active and fruitful area of modern research, is provided in two volumes. The first volume provides a pedagogical introduction to the subject, discussing Brownian motion, its anticommutative counterpart in the guise of Onsager's solution to the two-dimensional Ising model, the mean field or Landau approximation, scaling ideas exemplified by the Kosterlitz-Thouless theory for the XY transition, the continuous renormalization group applied to the standard phi-to-the-fourth theory (the simplest typical case) and lattice gauge theory as a pathway to the understanding of quark confinement in quantum chromodynamics. Volume 2, Strong Coupling, Monte Carlo Methods, Conformal Field Theory and Random Systems (Cambridge Monographs on Mathematical Physics). The second volume covers diverse topics, including strong coupling expansions and their analysis, Monte Carlo simulations, two-dimensional conformal field theory, and simple disordered systems. The book concludes with a chapter on random geometry and the Polyakov model of random surfaces, which illustrates the relations between string theory and statistical physics.

1722 RUR



Marianna Bolla Spectral Clustering and Biclustering. Learning Large Graphs Contingency Tables

Explores regular structures in graphs and contingency tables by spectral theory and statistical methods This book bridges the gap between graph theory and statistics by giving answers to the demanding questions which arise when statisticians are confronted with large weighted graphs or rectangular arrays. Classical and modern statistical methods applicable to biological, social, communication networks, or microarrays are presented together with the theoretical background and proofs. This book is suitable for a one-semester course for graduate students in data mining, multivariate statistics, or applied graph theory; but by skipping the proofs, the algorithms can also be used by specialists who just want to retrieve information from their data when analysing communication, social, or biological networks. Spectral Clustering and Biclustering: Provides a unified treatment for edge-weighted graphs and contingency tables via methods of multivariate statistical analysis (factoring, clustering, and biclustering). Uses spectral embedding and relaxation to estimate multiway cuts of edge-weighted graphs and bicuts of contingency tables. Goes beyond the expanders by describing the structure of dense graphs with a small spectral gap via the structural eigenvalues and eigen-subspaces of the normalized modularity matrix. Treats graphs like statistical data by combining methods of graph theory and statistics. Establishes a common outline structure for the contents of each algorithm, applicable to networks and microarrays, with unified notions and principles.

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Linda Reichl E. A Modern Course in Statistical Physics

A Modern Course in Statistical Physics is a textbook that illustrates the foundations of equilibrium and non-equilibrium statistical physics, and the universal nature of thermodynamic processes, from the point of view of contemporary research problems. The book treats such diverse topics as the microscopic theory of critical phenomena, superfluid dynamics, quantum conductance, light scattering, transport processes, and dissipative structures, all in the framework of the foundations of statistical physics and thermodynamics. It shows the quantum origins of problems in classical statistical physics. One focus of the book is fluctuations that occur due to the discrete nature of matter, a topic of growing importance for nanometer scale physics and biophysics. Another focus concerns classical and quantum phase transitions, in both monatomic and mixed particle systems. This fourth edition extends the range of topics considered to include, for example, entropic forces, electrochemical processes in biological systems and batteries, adsorption processes in biological systems, diamagnetism, the theory of Bose-Einstein condensation, memory effects in Brownian motion, the hydrodynamics of binary mixtures. A set of exercises and problems is to be found at the end of each chapter and, in addition, solutions to a subset of the problems is provided. The appendices cover Exact Differentials, Ergodicity, Number Representation, Scattering Theory, and also a short course on Probability.

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Daniel Denis J. Applied Univariate, Bivariate, and Multivariate Statistics

A clear and efficient balance between theory and application of statistical modeling techniques in the social and behavioral sciences Written as a general and accessible introduction, Applied Univariate, Bivariate, and Multivariate Statistics provides an overview of statistical modeling techniques used in fields in the social and behavioral sciences. Blending statistical theory and methodology, the book surveys both the technical and theoretical aspects of good data analysis. Featuring applied resources at various levels, the book includes statistical techniques such as t-tests and correlation as well as more advanced procedures such as MANOVA, factor analysis, and structural equation modeling. To promote a more in-depth interpretation of statistical techniques across the sciences, the book surveys some of the technical arguments underlying formulas and equations. Applied Univariate, Bivariate, and Multivariate Statistics also features Demonstrations of statistical techniques using software packages such as R and SPSS® Examples of hypothetical and real data with subsequent statistical analyses Historical and philosophical insights into many of the techniques used in modern social science A companion website that includes further instructional details, additional data sets, solutions to selected exercises, and multiple programming options An ideal textbook for courses in statistics and methodology at the upper- undergraduate and graduate-levels in psychology, political science, biology, sociology, education, economics, communications, law, and survey research, Applied Univariate, Bivariate, and Multivariate Statistics is also a useful reference for practitioners and researchers in their field of application. DANIEL J. DENIS, PhD, is Associate Professor of Quantitative Psychology at the University of Montana where he teaches courses in univariate and multivariate statistics. He has published a number of articles in peer-reviewed journals and has served as consultant to researchers and practitioners in a variety of fields.

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Наталья беркутова цирк - Запчасти для Мицубиси

Неваляшки и юлы Жирафики Юла Жирафики «Цирк» наталья беркутова цирк ... Юла Жирафики Цирк. Юла детская с фирменными персонажами ...

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Юла, купить юла. ... Кубики650. Лабиринты243. Мобили678. Неваляшки232. Пазлы2270 .... Жирафики Юла Космос 68020/48420. 225₽. Жирафики Юла ...

Юлы, неваляшки,пирамидки

Каталог Развивающие игрушки и конструкторы Юлы, неваляшки,пирамидки ... Юла. 100 p. Юла Артикул: 850-5. Пирамидка 5 колец(жирафик,зайка).

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В нашем каталоге представлены Юлы, пирамидки и неваляшки брендов Жирафики, Полесье, Наша Игрушка, Little Tikes, ABtoys, Неваляшки-Котовск, ...

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Хотите купить игрушки для ребенка? У нас вы можете купить игрушки оптом и в розницу. Только у нас ✅ Лучшие цены, ⭐ опт, ⌚ быстрая доставка, ...

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Жирафик на блистер.подвижные элементы "клик-клик" 20*15*3 см. 124. Слоник на блист.с подвижными элементами "клик-клик" 20*15*4 см. 142.

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Пистолет с гелевыми пулями, лазерный прицел (Играем вместе, 1711G292-Rsim) от производителя Играем вместе вы можете купить в ...

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Юла с шариками и интересным оформлением в виде животного.Неваляшки, юлы - Игрушкиноhttps://игрушкино92.рф › Каталог › Игрушки для малышейСохраненная копияКупить развивающие игрушки для малышей в интернет магазине Игрушкино.

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Неваляшки, юлы. ... Количество: − +. 1 300 ₸. Купить. Юла большая прозрачная с шариками (диаметр 16 см.) Артикул: 1320 ...

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10004;Юла Космос 68020 Жирафики - купить по низкой цене. ✔Удобная оплата, быстрая доставка по всей России! Вежливое обслуживание ...

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На середину 2016 средняя стоимость на неваляшки и юлы умка неваляшка умка коровка в РФ на уровне 469.96 руб, а доставка заказа предлагается зачастую в Санкт-Петербурге, Новгороде, Туле, Оренбурге и Магнитогорске и иных городах. Отзывы о неваляшки и юлы умка неваляшка умка коровка весьма доброжелательные и бренд Умка восхваляют на сайтах многие респонденты сайта. Неваляшки и юлы Умка Коровка. 649 руб. Похожие. Неваляшки и юлы Playgro Неваляшка Playgro.

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Неваляшки. Неваляшки. В этой категории нет ни одного товара. Получай последние новости нашего магазина.

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неваляшки и юлы умка коровка. Юла Ути Пути Бегемот - динамичная игрушка для самых маленьких детей, которая стимулирует познавательную активность, развивает наглядно-действенное мышление, координацию движений и мелкую моторику рук. Дети с интересом наблюдают за движением юлы, пытаясь понять этот интересный механизм. Особенности: Стимулирует познавательную активность, помогает ребенку в установлении причинно-следственных связей между действиями и явлениями.

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Умка Развивающий коврик Умка Божья коровка. Коврик удобно складывается для хранения и транспортировки. Детский коврик Умка «Божья коровка» оснащен двумя дугами с… Умка » найти похожие. 2 369 руб. ... Неваляшки и юлы Котовск Малая 15 см. Игра способствует развитию мелкой моторики, слуха и координации движений. Особенности: Внутри неваляшки звонкие бубенцы.…

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Неваляшка Умка «Коровка» купите за 649 рублей Неваляшка Умка «Коровка» в интернет-магазине Кораблик от Умка. ... Неваляшка Умка «Коровка». Цена: 649.00 руб. товар в наличии. Купить. Подробнее. Неваляшка Умка «Коровка». Возраст от: 6 месяцев. Возраст до: 3 лет.

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Юлы / Неваляшки Жирафики по самым низким ценам в магазине Ескай. Бесплатная и быстрая доставка по Москве! Постоянные акции, скидки и ...

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На www.baimak-tv.ru Вы можете купить Неваляшки и юлы Умка Коровка по выгодной цене. ... Неваляшки и юлы Умка Коровка. (точная фраза в названии). Показывать товаров по: 10, 20, 50, 100. Сортировка: От начала, От конца, Случайно, Дешевле, Дороже. 1) Неваляшки и юлы Умка Коровка. Описание. Коровка.

Yuliya mishura theory and statistical. Неваляшки и юлы - купить в Москве, цены на неваляшки и юлы в ...

В каталоге интернет-магазина Кораблик представлены неваляшки и юлы ... Неваляшка Котовск «Катюша» большая 25 см ... Юла Жирафики «Космос».

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Производитель: Умка. Больше информации. Актуальность данных: 20 нобяря 2018 г. ... (+) Добавить отзыв или обзор про умка Музыкальный телефон Принцесса София. * Текст отзыва или обзора: Как Вас зовут?

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Котовские неваляшки Неваляшка Котовские неваляшки Девочка (6С-002) 21.8 см. от 285 до 483 руб. материал: пластик высота: 21.80 см, вес: 270 гр, ...

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Развивающая игрушка Жирафики Юла Цирк с доставкой на дом для Москвы и других регионов ... Развивающая игрушка Russia Неваляшка 15 см.

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В интернет-магазине Кнопик Вы можете купить Пирамидки / Юлы / Неваляшки Умка (Россия) по низким ценам! Доставка по Краснодару. Звоните 8 (988) 244-000-8. ... Пирамидки / Юлы / Неваляшки Умка (Россия). Производители: Simba baby (Германия/ Китай) [Симба]. Сортировать по цене показать категорию уведомить о поставке.

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Юла Жирафики Лето 15 смКарусели, неваляшки, телефоны<br>Яркая ... Яркая юла Лето от торговой марки Жирафики - увлекательная игрушка для ...

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Юла Shantou Gepai Супер-топ 623454. Наличие: есть на складе. Гарантия: 2 недели. 50p. Юла Жирафики Жирафики 68014. Наличие: под заказ.

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-Неваляшка stellar 6+ сделано в России стеллар -Юлла. ... Распаковка игрушек "Юла Жирафик", "Волшебный лепесток", "Игровой мини центр".Неваляшки - Умная игрушка - detki29.rudetki29.ru › Для самых маленькихСохраненная копияНеваляшка маленькая 15 см (6С-001) · Неваляшка маленькая ... Неваляшка Ксюша 21,8 см (6С-002) · Неваляшка ... Неваляшка Девочка 26,5 см (6С-007).

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Купить Юла Жирафики Космос 68020 по низкой цене в интернет-магазине TOPSTO. Доставка в Симферополь, Севастополь, Ялту, Керчь, Феодосию и ...

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Котовские неваляшки Неваляшка Котовские неваляшки Девочка (6С-002) 21.8 см. от 244 до 400 руб. материал: пластик высота: 21.80 см, вес: 270 гр, ...

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Яркая неваляшка-уточка весело раскачивается из стороны в сторону и приятно звенит. Ребенок воспринимает игру с неваляшкой как настоящее чудо, ...

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Неваляшки, муз. инструменты, матрешки, юлы, волчки ... Картинка МЕШОК ПОДАРКОВ Неваляшка Жирафик/Лошадка, пластик, 11х14х11см, 2 дизайна ...

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На SKYBUY можно купить юлы и неваляшки в Москве с гарантией от производителя! В каталоге ... Неваляшка "Веселый кролик" Жирафики-8685719.

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Неваляшка Жирафики &quot;Веселый кролик&quot;. Неваляшка Жирафики "Веселый кролик" ..... жирафикиЮла Жирафики "Космос" 15 см 68020.

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Юла жираф с цветными шариками и бегемот выплевывает кубики когда его крутят · Funny Bulat. 2 years ..... Неваляшка stellar народные мотивы, юла.ᐉ Юла-неваляшка Play Smart 959 • Купить в Киеве, Украине ...https://27.ua › ... › Игрушки для малышей › Юла-неваляшка Play Smart 959Сохраненная копияЮла-неваляшка Play Smart 959 ➤➤ Купить в Украине ✅ Интернет-магазин Эпицентр ⭐ Недорого, низкая цена ☝ В Наличии с Доставкой по Украине ...

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Юлы и неваляшки Brasco (Baby Mix) для детей по выгодным ценам в интернет-магазине Neo-Baby.ru (страница 2) ... Юла Жирафики Снежный Хоровод.

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Интернет-магазин SIMA-LAND.RU – неваляшки и юлы для малышей купить по цене опта от 25.2 руб. 170 SKU в наличии от производителя с доставкой.Не найдено: жирафикиНеваляшки, юлы– купить в интернет-магазине по лучшей ценеhttps://loontik.ru/collection/nevalyashki-yulyСохраненная копияНеваляшки, юлы. ... Юла Жирафики Радуга 68019. 215 руб. В корзину. Юла Жирафики Радуга 68019 · Юла Жирафики Цирк 68021. 215 руб. В корзину.

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Неваляшки / разное. Интернет-магазин ... Неваляшка Smoby герои Cotoons. избранное сравнить ... 630 руб.548 руб. Юла Жирафики Космос 68020.

Магазин на сайте телеканала Карусель

Юла177.00₽ Жирафики Юла Радуга; Игрушка-каталка579.00₽ Фабрика ... Неваляшка89.00₽ Ути Пути Неваляшка Сова; Игрушка-подвеска484.00₽ ...

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Каталки, юлы, неваляшки. Игрушки ... 18. 36. Неваляшка "Аленка". Неваляшки-Котовск. 0.2. 0.4. 0.6. 0.8. 1 ..... Юла Жирафики. Жирафики. 0.2. 0.4. 0.6. 0.8.

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Жирафики | My-shop.ru

Каталог товаров производителя «Жирафики» в Интернет-магазине ... игрушки, Развивающие коврики, Тапочки-игрушки, Юлы, неваляшки и др.

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Котовские неваляшки Неваляшка Котовские неваляшки Девочка (6С-0012) 35.6 см. от 490 до 1 239 руб. материал: пластик высота: 35.60 см, вес: 550 гр, ...

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К сожалению, все предложения в категории «Карусели, юлы, неваляшки» закончились, предлагаем ознакомиться с другими популярными позициями каталога. Музыкальная погремушка-шар Песни В. Шаинского, Умка.

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123.ru ➤ Неваляшка Жирафики Ути Утя 939398 купить у официального ... 375 р. в корзину. Юла Stellar Цирк 01389. Бренд:Stellar. Модель:Цирк. Тип:Юла.

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Юла. Цена не указана. Товары для детей и игрушки. м. Домодедовская. 2 часа назад .... Юла-неваляшка Chicco ... Юла Жирафик новая игрушка. 800 ₽.

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Жирафики Юла Лето 68022/48422. Каталог / Игрушки для детей / Юлы, неваляшки / Юлы. Жирафики Юла Лето 68022/48422 ...

Неваляшки и Юлы

Питание: батарейки. Развитие моторики и ловкости: да. Наличие подвижных частей: да. Тип питания: 2 батарейки типа АА. Юла Жирафики «Космос».

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Жирафики 939499 Неваляшка "Веселый кролик" купить. Доставка по Москве и России. Цена со скидкой 344 руб. в интернет-магазине Милая мама.

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В каталоге Юла, волчок, неваляшка вы найдёте цены, отзывы, характеристики, описания и фотографии товаров. Наши цены вас порадуют!

Неваляшки, юла - Игрушки - спорттовары

Неваляшка Жирафик/Лошадка 889-001 (Т.) 299.00 руб. код товара: 768516. кол-во на складе: 13. кол-во: В корзину. Игра Юла Волчок Скачущий всадник ...

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OZON.ru предлагает выгодные цены и отличный сервис. Жирафики Юла Радуга - характеристики, фото и отзывы покупателей. Доставка по всей ...

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Пирамида · Пирамида Овечка · Развивающая пирамидка "Цветочек" · Юла-карусель Аттракцион · Юла-карусель Хоровод · Юла-карусель Панорама

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В каталоге интернет-магазина Кораблик представлены неваляшки и юлы жирафики и другие детские товары с доставкой по Москве: доступные цены ...

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Купить товары в категории Юла и неваляшки по лучшим ценам со скидкой. ... Юла Shantou Gepai Супер-топ 623454 ... Юла Жирафики Жирафики 68014.

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Неваляшки и юлы Жирафики Юла Жирафики «Цирк» ... Юла Жирафики Цирк. Юла детская с фирменными персонажами торговой марки Жирафики.

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Неваляшки. Пирамидки. Погремушки, подвески, комфортеры. ... Книги издательства Умка. Книги издательства Эксмо. Книга-пазл.

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... ребенка, ведь он сможет запускать интересный волчок снова и снова, наблюдая за движениями юлы. Возраст: от 18 месяцев ... Бренд, Жирафики. Модель, "Цирк". Тип, Юла. Цвет, красный ... Юла, неваляшки Generic Design.

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Каталка-ходунок Жирафики «Летняя полянка» сочетает в себе функции игрового развивающего центра и ходунка. На игровой панели каталки малыш ...

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Котовские неваляшки Неваляшка Котовские неваляшки Девочка (6С-002) 21.8 см. от 247 до 563 руб. материал: пластик высота: 21.80 см, вес: 270 гр, ...

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Купить Неваляшка, юла Nasha игрушка-2! добавила СПОРТи творчество. ... 402,60 р. Блок: 12 шт Отпуск по: 1 шт Торговая марка: Жирафики Штрих-код ...

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Юлы, пирамидки, Неваляшки ... Пирамидка 5 колец "Жирафик" КРОШКА Я. 199 руб. ... Неваляшка большая 27 см коробке КОТОВСК. 547 руб.

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Развивающая игрушка Жирафики Юла Космос с доставкой на дом для Москвы и других регионов ... Развивающая игрушка Russia Неваляшка 15 см.

Stellar Погремушка-неваляшка Мишка...

Семеныч становится другом Неваляшки и начинает тренировать его, готовя к боям в тяжелом весе. Цена 185.00 Руб. Носитель.

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Особенности: Внутри неваляшки звонкие бубенцы. Высота игрушки: 25 см. Неваляшка способствует развитию мелкой моторики, слуха и координации движений. Игрушка обязательно заинтересует вашего малыша, она сделана из безопасного материала ярких цветов. Неваляшки и юлы Умка Неваляшка Умка «Коровка» 649 RUR Найти похожее. Неваляшки и юлы Playgro Неваляшка Playgro 558 RUR Найти похожее.

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Котовские неваляшки Неваляшка Котовские неваляшки Девочка (6С-002) 21.8 см. от 249 до 340 руб. материал: пластик высота: 21.80 см, вес: 270 гр, ...

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Неваляшки, юлы Жирафики в Калуге. Предлагаем Неваляшки, юлы Жирафики по низким ценам. Доставка. Гарантия. ☎ 8 800 707 05 59.

EMMET.BY : Юлы, неваляшки Развивающие игры и игрушки В ...

Неваляшка в художественной упаковке 15.76 бел.руб. Неваляшка "Клоун" в художественной упаковке (временно нет) 13.12 бел.руб. Юла " Жирафики" ...

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JUST.ru ➤ Неваляшки, юла Неваляшки-Котовск — цена от 155 р. — 22 модели ... Жирафики ... Неваляшка Неваляшки-Котовск Неваляшка 35,6 см 6с-023.

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Цены на Неваляшка Жирафики Веселый кролик (939499) в Минске, ... Юлы и неваляшки; Жирафики; Неваляшка Жирафики Веселый кролик (939499) ...

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Котовские неваляшки Неваляшка Котовские неваляшки Девочка (6С-001) 15 см. от 178 до 395 ... РОСМЭН Неваляшка РОСМЭН Зебра Зое (28807) 8 см.

Жирафики Юла Радуга - olalala.ru

Юла "Радуга" с фирменными персонажами торговой марки "Жирафики" предназначена для ... Неваляшки и юлы Жирафики Юла Жирафики «Цирк».

Игрушки Умка - цены

Корова Умка это приятное зрительное и музыкальное развлечение для самых маленьких. Покачивая неваляшку из стороны в сторону, ребенок наслаждается яркими цветами и знакомится с разными звуками. От 6 месяцев. купить в интернет-магазине Умная игрушка. 995 руб. Развивающая игрушка Гусеница-пирамидка, Умка. ... Умка Заводной Зайчик всегда легко развеселит и успокоит ребёнка. Она сделана в виде зайчика розового цвета, оснащается 4-мя колёсами.

Интернет-магазин детских игрушек и товаров для малышей ...

Более 20000 игрушек и товаров для Ваших деток. Тойвей - надежный интернет-магазин детских игрушек. Скидки и акции, доставка по Москве и ...

ДЦ Неваляшка - детские товары

Неваляшки и юлы Умка Коровка по выгодной цене на www.tc-vertikal.ru. ... Неваляшки и юлы Умка Коровка. (точная фраза в названии). Показывать товаров по: 10, 20, 50, 100. Сортировка: От начала, От конца, Случайно, Дешевле, Дороже. 1) Неваляшки и юлы Умка Коровка. Описание. Коровка.

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Юла Жирафики Лето - покупайте в Бабаду, счастье для ребенка в подарок :) ☎ Москва: (495) 225-76-79, ... Другие товары из категории Юлы, неваляшки.

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123.ru ➤ Юла Жирафики "Лето" 15 см 68022 купить у официального дилера. ... Неваляшка Неваляшки-Котовск "Маленькая" 15 см 4С2021. 220 р.

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Юлы и другие товары в интернет-магазине Детский Мир по выгодным ценам. Доставка по всей России, широкий ассортимент, акции, скидки. Звоните и ...Не найдено: жирафикиКарусели, неваляшки, телефоны Жирафики – купить в Москве в ...https://www.dochkisinochki.ru › ... › Карусели, неваляшки, телефоныСохраненная копияКупите карусель, неваляшку или телефон для детей Жирафики с бесплатной доставкой по Москве в ... Юла Жирафики Снежный хоровод (оранжевая).

Suresh Ramaiah A Course in Statistics with R

Integrates the theory and applications of statistics using R A Course in Statistics with R has been written to bridge the gap between theory and applications and explain how mathematical expressions are converted into R programs. The book has been primarily designed as a useful companion for a Masters student during each semester of the course, but will also help applied statisticians in revisiting the underpinnings of the subject. With this dual goal in mind, the book begins with R basics and quickly covers visualization and exploratory analysis. Probability and statistical inference, inclusive of classical, nonparametric, and Bayesian schools, is developed with definitions, motivations, mathematical expression and R programs in a way which will help the reader to understand the mathematical development as well as R implementation. Linear regression models, experimental designs, multivariate analysis, and categorical data analysis are treated in a way which makes effective use of visualization techniques and the related statistical techniques underlying them through practical applications, and hence helps the reader to achieve a clear understanding of the associated statistical models. Key features: Integrates R basics with statistical concepts Provides graphical presentations inclusive of mathematical expressions Aids understanding of limit theorems of probability with and without the simulation approach Presents detailed algorithmic development of statistical models from scratch Includes practical applications with over 50 data sets

7217.01 RUR



Kuhnt Sonja Statistical Hypothesis Testing with SAS and R

A comprehensive guide to statistical hypothesis testing with examples in SAS and R When analyzing datasets the following questions often arise: Is there a short hand procedure for a statistical test available in SAS or R? If so, how do I use it? If not, how do I program the test myself? This book answers these questions and provides an overview of the most common statistical test problems in a comprehensive way, making it easy to find and perform an appropriate statistical test. A general summary of statistical test theory is presented, along with a basic description for each test, including the necessary prerequisites, assumptions, the formal test problem and the test statistic. Examples in both SAS and R are provided, along with program code to perform the test, resulting output and remarks explaining the necessary program parameters. Key features: • Provides examples in both SAS and R for each test presented. • Looks at the most common statistical tests, displayed in a clear and easy to follow way. • Supported by a supplementary website http://www.d-taeger.de featuring example program code. Academics, practitioners and SAS and R programmers will find this book a valuable resource. Students using SAS and R will also find it an excellent choice for reference and data analysis.

7620.86 RUR



Catherine Forbes Statistical Distributions

A new edition of the trusted guide on commonly used statistical distributions Fully updated to reflect the latest developments on the topic, Statistical Distributions, Fourth Edition continues to serve as an authoritative guide on the application of statistical methods to research across various disciplines. The book provides a concise presentation of popular statistical distributions along with the necessary knowledge for their successful use in data modeling and analysis. Following a basic introduction, forty popular distributions are outlined in individual chapters that are complete with related facts and formulas. Reflecting the latest changes and trends in statistical distribution theory, the Fourth Edition features: A new chapter on queuing formulas that discusses standard formulas that often arise from simple queuing systems Methods for extending independent modeling schemes to the dependent case, covering techniques for generating complex distributions from simple distributions New coverage of conditional probability, including conditional expectations and joint and marginal distributions Commonly used tables associated with the normal (Gaussian), student-t, F and chi-square distributions Additional reviewing methods for the estimation of unknown parameters, such as the method of percentiles, the method of moments, maximum likelihood inference, and Bayesian inference Statistical Distributions, Fourth Edition is an excellent supplement for upper-undergraduate and graduate level courses on the topic. It is also a valuable reference for researchers and practitioners in the fields of engineering, economics, operations research, and the social sciences who conduct statistical analyses.

6410.82 RUR



Joseph Goodman W. Statistical Optics

This book discusses statistical methods that are useful for treating problems in modern optics, and the application of these methods to solving a variety of such problems This book covers a variety of statistical problems in optics, including both theory and applications. The text covers the necessary background in statistics, statistical properties of light waves of various types, the theory of partial coherence and its applications, imaging with partially coherent light, atmospheric degradations of images, and noise limitations in the detection of light. New topics have been introduced in the second edition, including: Analysis of the Vander Pol oscillator model of laser light Coverage on coherence tomography and coherence multiplexing of fiber sensors An expansion of the chapter on imaging with partially coherent light, including several new examples An expanded section on speckle and its properties New sections on the cross-spectrum and bispectrum techniques for obtaining images free from atmospheric distortions A new section on imaging through atmospheric turbulence using coherent light The addition of the effects of “read noise” to the discussions of limitations encountered in detecting very weak optical signals A number of new problems and many new references have been added Statistical Optics, Second Edition is written for researchers and engineering students interested in optics, physicists and chemists, as well as graduate level courses in a University Engineering or Physics Department.

8681.51 RUR



Guttman Irwin Statistics and Probability with Applications for Engineers Scientists

Introducing the tools of statistics and probability from the ground up An understanding of statistical tools is essential for engineers and scientists who often need to deal with data analysis over the course of their work. Statistics and Probability with Applications for Engineers and Scientists walks readers through a wide range of popular statistical techniques, explaining step-by-step how to generate, analyze, and interpret data for diverse applications in engineering and the natural sciences. Unique among books of this kind, Statistics and Probability with Applications for Engineers and Scientists covers descriptive statistics first, then goes on to discuss the fundamentals of probability theory. Along with case studies, examples, and real-world data sets, the book incorporates clear instructions on how to use the statistical packages Minitab® and Microsoft® Office Excel® to analyze various data sets. The book also features: • Detailed discussions on sampling distributions, statistical estimation of population parameters, hypothesis testing, reliability theory, statistical quality control including Phase I and Phase II control charts, and process capability indices • A clear presentation of nonparametric methods and simple and multiple linear regression methods, as well as a brief discussion on logistic regression method • Comprehensive guidance on the design of experiments, including randomized block designs, one- and two-way layout designs, Latin square designs, random effects and mixed effects models, factorial and fractional factorial designs, and response surface methodology • A companion website containing data sets for Minitab and Microsoft Office Excel, as well as JMP ® routines and results Assuming no background in probability and statistics, Statistics and Probability with Applications for Engineers and Scientists features a unique, yet tried-and-true, approach that is ideal for all undergraduate students as well as statistical practitioners who analyze and illustrate real-world data in engineering and the natural sciences.

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Peter Goos Statistics with JMP. Graphs, Descriptive and Probability

Peter Goos, Department of Statistics, University of Leuven, Faculty of Bio-Science Engineering and University of Antwerp, Faculty of Applied Economics, Belgium David Meintrup, Department of Mathematics and Statistics, University of Applied Sciences Ingolstadt, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Germany Thorough presentation of introductory statistics and probability theory, with numerous examples and applications using JMP JMP: Graphs, Descriptive Statistics and Probability provides an accessible and thorough overview of the most important descriptive statistics for nominal, ordinal and quantitative data with particular attention to graphical representations. The authors distinguish their approach from many modern textbooks on descriptive statistics and probability theory by offering a combination of theoretical and mathematical depth, and clear and detailed explanations of concepts. Throughout the book, the user-friendly, interactive statistical software package JMP is used for calculations, the computation of probabilities and the creation of figures. The examples are explained in detail, and accompanied by step-by-step instructions and screenshots. The reader will therefore develop an understanding of both the statistical theory and its applications. Traditional graphs such as needle charts, histograms and pie charts are included, as well as the more modern mosaic plots, bubble plots and heat maps. The authors discuss probability theory, particularly discrete probability distributions and continuous probability densities, including the binomial and Poisson distributions, and the exponential, normal and lognormal densities. They use numerous examples throughout to illustrate these distributions and densities. Key features: Introduces each concept with practical examples and demonstrations in JMP. Provides the statistical theory including detailed mathematical derivations. Presents illustrative examples in each chapter accompanied by step-by-step instructions and screenshots to help develop the reader’s understanding of both the statistical theory and its applications. A supporting website with data sets and other teaching materials. This book is equally aimed at students in engineering, economics and natural sciences who take classes in statistics as well as at masters/advanced students in applied statistics and probability theory. For teachers of applied statistics, this book provides a rich resource of course material, examples and applications.

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J. Oden Tinsley An Introduction to Mathematical Modeling. A Course in Mechanics

A modern approach to mathematical modeling, featuring unique applications from the field of mechanics An Introduction to Mathematical Modeling: A Course in Mechanics is designed to survey the mathematical models that form the foundations of modern science and incorporates examples that illustrate how the most successful models arise from basic principles in modern and classical mathematical physics. Written by a world authority on mathematical theory and computational mechanics, the book presents an account of continuum mechanics, electromagnetic field theory, quantum mechanics, and statistical mechanics for readers with varied backgrounds in engineering, computer science, mathematics, and physics. The author streamlines a comprehensive understanding of the topic in three clearly organized sections: Nonlinear Continuum Mechanics introduces kinematics as well as force and stress in deformable bodies; mass and momentum; balance of linear and angular momentum; conservation of energy; and constitutive equations Electromagnetic Field Theory and Quantum Mechanics contains a brief account of electromagnetic wave theory and Maxwell's equations as well as an introductory account of quantum mechanics with related topics including ab initio methods and Spin and Pauli's principles Statistical Mechanics presents an introduction to statistical mechanics of systems in thermodynamic equilibrium as well as continuum mechanics, quantum mechanics, and molecular dynamics Each part of the book concludes with exercise sets that allow readers to test their understanding of the presented material. Key theorems and fundamental equations are highlighted throughout, and an extensive bibliography outlines resources for further study. Extensively class-tested to ensure an accessible presentation, An Introduction to Mathematical Modeling is an excellent book for courses on introductory mathematical modeling and statistical mechanics at the upper-undergraduate and graduate levels. The book also serves as a valuable reference for professionals working in the areas of modeling and simulation, physics, and computational engineering.

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Valerio Lucarini Extremes and Recurrence in Dynamical Systems

Written by a team of international experts, Extremes and Recurrence in Dynamical Systems presents a unique point of view on the mathematical theory of extremes and on its applications in the natural and social sciences. Featuring an interdisciplinary approach to new concepts in pure and applied mathematical research, the book skillfully combines the areas of statistical mechanics, probability theory, measure theory, dynamical systems, statistical inference, geophysics, and software application. Emphasizing the statistical mechanical point of view, the book introduces robust theoretical embedding for the application of extreme value theory in dynamical systems. Extremes and Recurrence in Dynamical Systems also features: • A careful examination of how a dynamical system can serve as a generator of stochastic processes • Discussions on the applications of statistical inference in the theoretical and heuristic use of extremes • Several examples of analysis of extremes in a physical and geophysical context • A final summary of the main results presented along with a guide to future research projects • An appendix with software in Matlab® programming language to help readers to develop further understanding of the presented concepts Extremes and Recurrence in Dynamical Systems is ideal for academics and practitioners in pure and applied mathematics, probability theory, statistics, chaos, theoretical and applied dynamical systems, statistical mechanics, geophysical fluid dynamics, geosciences and complexity science. VALERIO LUCARINI, PhD, is Professor of Theoretical Meteorology at the University of Hamburg, Germany and Professor of Statistical Mechanics at the University of Reading, UK. DAVIDE FARANDA, PhD, is Researcher at the Laboratoire des science du climat et de l’environnement, IPSL, CEA Saclay, Université Paris-Saclay, Gif-sur-Yvette, France. ANA CRISTINA GOMES MONTEIRO MOREIRA DE FREITAS, PhD, is Assistant Professor in the Faculty of Economics at the University of Porto, Portugal. JORGE MIGUEL MILHAZES DE FREITAS, PhD, is Assistant Professor in the Department of Mathematics of the Faculty of Sciences at the University of Porto, Portugal. MARK HOLLAND, PhD, is Senior Lecturer in Applied Mathematics in the College of Engineering, Mathematics and Physical Sciences at the University of Exeter, UK. TOBIAS KUNA, PhD, is Associate Professor in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics at the University of Reading, UK. MATTHEW NICOL, PhD, is Professor of Mathematics at the University of Houston, USA. MIKE TODD, PhD, is Lecturer in the School of Mathematics and Statistics at the University of St. Andrews, Scotland. SANDRO VAIENTI, PhD, is Professor of Mathematics at the University of Toulon and Researcher at the Centre de Physique Théorique, France.

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Eugene Demidenko Mixed Models. Theory and Applications with R

Praise for the First Edition “This book will serve to greatly complement the growing number of texts dealing with mixed models, and I highly recommend including it in one’s personal library.” —Journal of the American Statistical Association Mixed modeling is a crucial area of statistics, enabling the analysis of clustered and longitudinal data. Mixed Models: Theory and Applications with R, Second Edition fills a gap in existing literature between mathematical and applied statistical books by presenting a powerful examination of mixed model theory and application with special attention given to the implementation in R. The new edition provides in-depth mathematical coverage of mixed models’ statistical properties and numerical algorithms, as well as nontraditional applications, such as regrowth curves, shapes, and images. The book features the latest topics in statistics including modeling of complex clustered or longitudinal data, modeling data with multiple sources of variation, modeling biological variety and heterogeneity, Healthy Akaike Information Criterion (HAIC), parameter multidimensionality, and statistics of image processing. Mixed Models: Theory and Applications with R, Second Edition features unique applications of mixed model methodology, as well as: Comprehensive theoretical discussions illustrated by examples and figures Over 300 exercises, end-of-section problems, updated data sets, and R subroutines Problems and extended projects requiring simulations in R intended to reinforce material Summaries of major results and general points of discussion at the end of each chapter Open problems in mixed modeling methodology, which can be used as the basis for research or PhD dissertations Ideal for graduate-level courses in mixed statistical modeling, the book is also an excellent reference for professionals in a range of fields, including cancer research, computer science, and engineering.

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Webb Andrew R. Statistical Pattern Recognition

Statistical pattern recognition relates to the use of statistical techniques for analysing data measurements in order to extract information and make justified decisions. It is a very active area of study and research, which has seen many advances in recent years. Applications such as data mining, web searching, multimedia data retrieval, face recognition, and cursive handwriting recognition, all require robust and efficient pattern recognition techniques. This third edition provides an introduction to statistical pattern theory and techniques, with material drawn from a wide range of fields, including the areas of engineering, statistics, computer science and the social sciences. The book has been updated to cover new methods and applications, and includes a wide range of techniques such as Bayesian methods, neural networks, support vector machines, feature selection and feature reduction techniques.Technical descriptions and motivations are provided, and the techniques are illustrated using real examples. Statistical Pattern Recognition, 3rd Edition: Provides a self-contained introduction to statistical pattern recognition. Includes new material presenting the analysis of complex networks. Introduces readers to methods for Bayesian density estimation. Presents descriptions of new applications in biometrics, security, finance and condition monitoring. Provides descriptions and guidance for implementing techniques, which will be invaluable to software engineers and developers seeking to develop real applications Describes mathematically the range of statistical pattern recognition techniques. Presents a variety of exercises including more extensive computer projects. The in-depth technical descriptions make the book suitable for senior undergraduate and graduate students in statistics, computer science and engineering. Statistical Pattern Recognition is also an excellent reference source for technical professionals. Chapters have been arranged to facilitate implementation of the techniques by software engineers and developers in non-statistical engineering fields. www.wiley.com/go/statistical_pattern_recognition

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Michael Panik J. Growth Curve Modeling. Theory and Applications

Features recent trends and advances in the theory and techniques used to accurately measure and model growth Growth Curve Modeling: Theory and Applications features an accessible introduction to growth curve modeling and addresses how to monitor the change in variables over time since there is no “one size fits all” approach to growth measurement. A review of the requisite mathematics for growth modeling and the statistical techniques needed for estimating growth models are provided, and an overview of popular growth curves, such as linear, logarithmic, reciprocal, logistic, Gompertz, Weibull, negative exponential, and log-logistic, among others, is included. In addition, the book discusses key application areas including economic, plant, population, forest, and firm growth and is suitable as a resource for assessing recent growth modeling trends in the medical field. SAS® is utilized throughout to analyze and model growth curves, aiding readers in estimating specialized growth rates and curves. Including derivations of virtually all of the major growth curves and models, Growth Curve Modeling: Theory and Applications also features: • Statistical distribution analysis as it pertains to growth modeling • Trend estimations • Dynamic site equations obtained from growth models • Nonlinear regression • Yield-density curves • Nonlinear mixed effects models for repeated measurements data Growth Curve Modeling: Theory and Applications is an excellent resource for statisticians, public health analysts, biologists, botanists, economists, and demographers who require a modern review of statistical methods for modeling growth curves and analyzing longitudinal data. The book is also useful for upper-undergraduate and graduate courses on growth modeling.

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